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Non-Profit Cultivating High Standards of Excellence

Less Selfishness,
More Generosity

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Focus Areas

Signature Programs

Our signature programs YES and SCORE will help our youth be EXCEPTIONAL.
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Life Skill Programming

Life skill development programming will include:


Public speaking workshops, home economics workshops 

civics education, etiquette classes, and arts/culture appreciation events.

Career Exploration Programming

Those programming activities include:


Industry exploration events, career dating/mentor matching, entrepreneurship training, and trade and internship matching.


Ideally, we will be able to provide scholarships that cover entry into trade and other uncommon career fields.

Financial Knowledge Programming

Financial knowledge programming will pair with career programming to include:


Workshops on financial aid, creditworthiness, budgeting, and investment practices.

Youth Advocacy Summit

Programming will culminate at the annual youth advocacy



The summit will provide a space to showcase the work students have done throughout the year to explore careers, develop life skills, and grow in their financial understanding. Invited speakers

and visitors will listen to our youth graduates and support their calls for action.

Here to cultivate higher standards of excellence and service in our youth of color through education and experience, life skill development, financial education and youth advocacy.

Traillionaires Foundation

Youth Empowerment


The YES program provides exceptional empowerment to youth aged 7-18 through enjoyable activities and educational opportunities, fostering vital financial literacy, career readiness, and self-efficacy skills. With its positive atmosphere, YES promotes personal growth, teamwork, and community responsibility. Additionally, our YES+ initiative involves the child's village in their development through workshops and personalized planning sessions.



We as an organization are focused on bridging gaps, catering to various groups, and providing an exceptional educational journey that introduces students to essential skills like financial literacy, self-confidence, career exploration, and beyond. Our SCORE Program is tailored to empower young adults (18+) of color, aiming to improve their financial literacy and readiness by nurturing qualities like leadership, teamwork, and discipline.

Traillionaires Foundation makes learning easy and accessible with workshop, in person or school events, or in-office meetings.

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