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The Traillionaires Foundation fundamentally wants to help students obtain life-sustaining jobs faster, develop important life skills, and increase financial knowledge, thus advancing the rate of youth of color  develop creditworthiness, savings, and investments.The Traillionaires Foundation mission can be accomplished through year-long out-of-school programming, annual events, and intentional accelerated programs that occur during the summer months.

The Foundation recognizes the need to implement programming for niche market careers starting from middle school through college. Those programming activities include: industry exploration events (e.g. drone licensing, sound/music engineering, videography, trades,mental health careers, creative direction, light technician, social media management, styling, editing, copywriting), career dating/mentor matching, entrepreneurship training, and trade and internship matching. Ideally, we will be able to provide scholarships that cover entry intothese career fields.

The Traillionaires Foundation will be tracking

Exceptional Outcomes Only.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To cultivate higher standards of excellence and service in our youth of color through career education and experience, life skill development, financial education, and youth advocacy.

Group of talking african american male and female young adults outdoor in city in summer_e
Happy young black friends sitting on floor at home, using laptop, holding credit card, loo

Our Vision

To witness an increase in the number of youth of color who actively engage in various facets of society as high-achieving students, supportive family members, productive economic contributors, and responsible community members. The aim is to establish a norm where exceptional behavior and positive contributions are expected from youth of color, and where they are given the opportunities and support necessary to achieve these goals.

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